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I think this FIFA game is fantastic for them

Le 24 novembre 2015, 07:20 dans Humeurs 0

First, I want to congratulate my FIFA players, they made all efforts to fight them from the first seconds last second. I think they should be commended and praised fifa coin the point. Sometimes I praise them because we win, but sometimes although loses, but I still want to praise them, because losing is not necessarily that we responsibility. '' The second point I would like to congratulate Sunderland, regardless of the manner in which, regardless of whether to adopt a reasonable way, they win, it does not matter. I think this FIFA game is fantastic for them So I want to congratulate them, and they made an effort, commendable! 'thought to do this, in addition to good signings this summer, and have to ensure that the core commanding stay. Terry's importance to Chelsea needless to say, now Chelsea had offered him a new contract. 34-year-old Terry current contract due to expire this summer, club has moved to a new two-year contract placed in front of the fifa 16 coins captain, John Terry if you agree one-year deal, he would have to accept a pay cut of 50%, especially The current weekly pay of £ 150,000 in.

the two sides battle mainly in the midfield

Le 24 novembre 2015, 07:17 dans Humeurs 0

Swansea had 10 men. Blues siege is not effective the first 19 minutes, Swansea substitutions adjustment, A Mate Hernandez replaced 10 minutes. The first 22 minutes, after William fifa coin midfield steals low shot from outside the box, the ball wide. After Chelsea in the attack and failed to threaten the Swansea door, the two sides battle mainly in the midfield. The first 36 minutes, Terry and Matic with fall in the penalty area, the referee without making any penalty. The first 37 minutes, Shelvey circle distance lob position, the ball was Cech.Originally still worth looking forward to champion the situation worsened. In the loss to Sunderland, the main referee caused a great controversy, metal matrix face Sunderland, Chelsea despite Kuanggong random bombing shot 30 times, but only scored 1 FIFA goal , within the restricted area foul, no penalty handball. After FIFA game Mourinho also very straightforward to express his respect to buy fifa coins FIFA game, the opponent, the referee's view. 'I would say I do not want to waste time, I would be very straightforward to express my four viewpoints.